Tips For Shipping Items Between Islands

The growth of technological development is now increasingly rapid, one of which is in the business world of online shopping. Many platforms provide online transactions, either e-commerce or social media. The existence of this platform is beneficial for business people who want to sell their products more broadly. No wonder the freight forwarding services are increasingly in demand, especially shipping goods between countries.

Here are tips for choosing the best international freight forwarding service in the UK:

1. Choose the type of service you need, door to door or door to port.

If you use door to door service, then your shipment will be sent to the exact address.

If you use a door to port service, delivery will only arrive at the nearest port or terminal from the specified destination.

2. Get to know the character of your shipment

Shipping companies will treat goods that are considered dangerous (fragile, flammable, etc.) So it would help if you told the expedition about the character of your shipment. One of the expedition companies with the managed asset recovery services is Rhenus Lupprians.

3. Confirm the shipping fee

It never hurts to ask the shipping costs for your items. Never assume or in the end you have to spend more money on these services.

4. Use shipping insurance

How valuable is your shipment? Of course, the more expensive it is, the higher the level of security you need to provide. If you don’t want to worry, then use a reliable freight forwarding service.

5. Complete the shipping form details

The shipping procedure may include a detailed form that you should complete. Make sure everything is filled correctly. Even better if you give additional information such as, “perishable goods”, “perishable items”, or “frozen goods”.

6. Label each pack

Even though you have provided information about the shipment in the order form, it would be better if each box/pack has a label that contains information on how to treat the item, such as “items should not be turned upside down”.