Tips for Maintainance for Vespa

Vespa is one type of motor that is in demand by many people. In addition to specifications, Vespa has also now launched many variations of models with diverse colors. That’s why many people like the Vespa, even used Vespa, are still sold on the market. If you want to find a Vespa for sale with guaranteed quality, you can buy it at Motorcycles Wheels.

But behind its distinctive shape, caring for Vespa is not easy. Especially if the Vespa you are using is an old Vespa. Therefore, follow these tips for caring for a good old Vespa:

1. Fuel

When choosing fuel for old Vespas, it is best to use high octane fuel. This is because low octane fuel will crack or soot the combustion component. As a result, your Vespa engine performance is not optimal.

2. Side Oil Selection

Be careful when choosing side oil for old Vespa, making sure the side oil you use is of high quality. Just like low octane fuel, weak quality side oil will also cause a lot of crust in the combustion chamber. You can ask the best side oil brands to your fellow Vespa motorbike users to avoid buying the wrong one.

3. Change the engine oil once a month

To maintain the quality and durability of Vespa engines, replace engine oil once a month. Primarily if you use Vespa as a daily vehicle. But if you rarely use it, you can change engine oil every two months.

4. Caring for Accu

Accu is one of the essential components in a Vespa that functions for power when the engine is started. In its treatment, it should not be arbitrary. Make sure the battery poles are free of crust or rust, you should also monitor the water level of the battery so that it doesn’t dry out. If you leave Vespa to travel so that Vespa is not used for a long time, you should remove the motor battery from the poles.

5. Caring for the Carburetor

Besides batteries, the carburetor also has an essential role in an old Vespa. The treatment must also be considered given the problematic carburetor is the cause of old Vespa often strike. You only need to remove and clean the carburetor from the crust and dirt that clog holes in the flow of iron. You can use an air spray, carburetor cleaner, even gasoline.

6. Caring for spark plugs

The spark plug has a function as a spark picker, which causes the combustion process to occur. If you miss caring for spark plugs, you will often replace spark plugs.

7. Caring for Gear Cables

Maintaining the gear cable is not difficult. You only need to make the correct settings and pay attention to the condition of the cables. If you find a broken cable, replace it as soon as possible.