How To Make Photos Into Video IN Inshot

On this occasion I will share a tutorial from the Inshot application, the Inshot application is a video and photo editing application, which we can edit using a smartphone, without having to have a PC or laptop that has good specifications.

The features provided by the Inshot application are quite complete, for those of you who want to start as creator content, what are these features, take it easy, here we will also discuss what features the Inshot application has:

Inshot application features

1. Stickers And Text.

Buddy will be presented with sticker features where your videos and photos make it seem attractive to people who see it, but don’t be too over, because it will cause a sad impression. For friends who like to edit text or like to make words, whether it’s romantic, sad, happy, and so on, this application provides a variety of fonts that are quite cool and interesting, even though they are only limited to a few fonts.

2. Background feature

Now this one feature, if you have photos or videos that you want to edit in the Inshot application, you should know, because in the Inshot application, your photos and videos will not be full of screens or frames, so this feature can help, by applying effects- the blur effect on the background, if you don’t like the blur effect, you can change it using other colors.

3. Music features

If this is your friend, all of you are familiar when you see an image which is high with music, in this Inshot application you can make it easy and easy.

4. Set video speed and lag

if a friend wants to speed up a video, for example, we are on the right journey, namely we can adjust the speed of the video, in this Inshot application, how come the features are also available. and many more features.

Since we have discussed some of the features in the Inshot application, the next article, we will discuss how to make it, like the title above, let’s go to the article we have been waiting for.

How To Make Photos Into Video IN Inshot

  1. The first thing is that you must have the Inshot application first.
  2. If you have, my friend, provide any photo or video materials that you want to edit.
  3. Rare, then buddy open the Inshot application.
  4. Now there are three choices of videos, photos and collages, if you want to edit a photo, just select a photo, the video is the opposite, if you want to edit a video, you have to open the video.
  5. If you have selected the video feature so that your photo has a song.
  6. Then select the music features that are on it.
  7. Fit the photo with the duration of the song, my advice is not too long, just take it when the chorus, if you want it to be more interesting, buddy, select text to provide lyrics to the song and photo.
  8. select save in the upper right corner.
  9. done.

How about this tutorial, hopefully it’s useful for my friend, and I’ll see you in the next article. For an Inshot pro app review please visit here