Check hand luggage efficiently with the Nuctech Kylin Ti

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Everyone takes hand luggage with them. The rules for the products that someone can take with them are listed on the airport’s website. Yet there is always someone who tries to put the wrong products in the suitcase. A good check at airports is therefore a requirement. You can purchase different devices for this. One of the devices that aids in efficient monitoring is the Nuctech Kylin Ti. Before you purchase this device for the airports, however, it is wise to see what the device can do for you. And which technologies ensure this?

The Nuctech Kylin Ti for Explosives and Narcotics

The Nuctech Kylin Ti is one of the latest developments in X-ray security inspection systems. The system is used for checking hand luggage and uses an advanced dual-energy technology for this. For hand luggage, the device mainly looks at dangerous substances and weapons that people take with them in their suitcases. Think of explosives, narcotics and liquid explosives. When one of these items is found in a suitcase, an alarm will automatically sound and employees at the airport can check the suitcase. There is also a false alarm built in, so that you can let someone pass through security more quickly.

The x ray ct inspection system has multiple purposes

The x ray ct cabin baggage inspection system can be used not only during check-in at the airport, but also at customs. Government buildings and events also benefit from these systems. This is partly because the system meets all safety requirements and regulations and is provided with the necessary quality marks. The automatic detection within the system ensures high efficiency and minimizes false alarms. The x ray ct inspection system is also equipped with 3D images, so that you can see at a glance what you are dealing with. The speed then ensures that several people are helped within the same time frame.

Online training courses provide sufficient knowledge

Thanks to the x-ray inspection system, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. All that remains to be done is proper training to be able to use the systems. For this, the brand has developed its own Security Training Cloud, which makes online training possible. This gives extra flexibility and every employee knows how the device works within a short time. The buildings and events on which these systems are deployed can then guarantee safety for every visitor or traveler and give users the convenience necessary for carrying out the checks.