What Is Scoping Session?

What Is Scoping Session?

There is no doubt that the success of most activities depends on their prior planning. Although there are cases in which improvisation is the key to success, there are many more that require prior development of a pattern. The situation is no different when it comes to implementing or migrating online store solutions such as Shopify.

Developing a Plan for The Entire Project

Since activities related to the design of eCommerce solutions tend to be wide-ranging and time-consuming, their planning must be comprehensive and covering as many aspects as possible. Participants in an implementation or migration project should receive a sort of guide that will show them the path to achieving their goal.

Project Scope

As in many other cases, it is best to obtain an action plan for the implementation or migration of eCommerce solutions at specially designed workshops: https://brandactive.co/scoping-session-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-so-important/. They are called Scoping Sessions and concern many important issues. These include topics such as store architecture or specific payment and logistics solutions.

Development Team Meets Project Manager

An extremely important aspect of scoping sessions is that specialists from various departments take part in them. They feature both backend and frontend developers, as well as project managers and business analysts. Thanks to the participation of professionals from many fields, it is possible to obtain the widest possible insight and anticipate many issues or problems that may arise during determining project budget and project requirements.

Communication with The Client

However, for a scoping workshop to be fully successful, it must be conducted in close communication with the client. This type of workshop is attended not only by representatives of the company carrying out the work, but also by people related to the entity commissioning the project. Thanks to the synergy of these two parties, it is possible to develop solutions that will be met with general acceptance. After all, the point is to implement solutions that will enjoy the support of both the client and the contractor. Find out more about Shopify support: https://brandactive.co/shopify-support-how-to-get-assistance/.

Structure of The Scoping Workshop

In addition to the fact that project planning is developed during the Scoping Session, the workshops themselves must also have an appropriate structure to bring the intended result. One of the most important elements of a Scoping Session is presenting an appropriate brief to all meeting parties. Thanks to this type of document, each specialist can prepare well and make as much substantive contribution as possible to the project developed together.

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