Top 5 High-Availability Dedicated Server Solutions For Your Business

In recent years, websites have started demanding better uptimes from hosting companies. While many companies are offering 99.9%+ uptime assurance, websites need more. 

Among the range of hosting servers available, a dedicated hosting server is the most powerful, offering high availability and uptimes. When you opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, your site is the sole resident of a web server with full root access

Hence, you can change the server based on your site’s needs. In addition, hosts offer a range of options in dedicated server hosting. For example, you can choose between a Windows and Linux Dedicated Server, HDD and SSD server, and Unmanaged and Managed dedicated web hosting servers.

To cater to the demand for better availability, hosting companies have started offering high-availability dedicated server solutions to site owners. 

These are advanced systems with in-built redundancies and the best hardware to boost the server’s reliability. Today, we will discuss your business’s top five high-availability dedicated server solutions.

  1. A server configured for higher availability

Some hosting providers offer high-availability solutions by using top-notch configurations for dedicated servers. These servers are designed for optimum performance and reliability. 

Usually, the hosts use the latest processors, adequate RAM, a high-performing disk drive, backup solutions, and redundant power supplies for the dedicated server to boost its availability. 

  1. Load balancing solution

Load balancing is the automatic process of distributing incoming requests across servers to improve performance and reliability. 

A load balancer is hardware or software that sits before the server ensuring that all requests are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Many hosts use load balancers to offer high-availability dedicated server solutions to site owners.

  1. Scalable private cloud

If you are looking for optimum scalability with high levels of availability in a dedicated hosting environment, then a dedicated private cloud can be a good option. Instant resource scalability ensures that your site never falls short of resources and processes requests at a fast rate. 

Hence, site traffic is managed efficiently. 

Also, data redundancy, a feature of the cloud, ensures that if one server faces an issue, others immediately boost the hosting service’s reliability.

  1. Failover solution

One of the best ways to ensure maximum availability is to prevent a single point of failure in the hosting solution. Hosting providers create a standby server or a network of servers to work as a failover option for offering high-availability dedicated server solutions. 

In these solutions, if the primary server faces an issue or crashes, the standby server/network steps in seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted services. This is also easily scalable, making it an excellent high-availability solution for websites running critical applications.

  1. Clusters

This solution is similar to a failover solution. 

However, the difference is that in a cluster approach, the host merges the features of load balancing with failover to create a solution that ensures optimum server and site availability.

Summing Up

Remember, every site has different hosting requirements. Hence, spend time understanding your site needs before buying a hosting plan.

If it requires maximum uptime assurance along with the power of a dedicated server, then you can start looking for a high-availability dedicated server solution. 

As described above, there are different types of solutions. Ensure you understand the features and choose your site’s best Dedicated Server Hosting option. Good Luck! 

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