Tips on Preventing Fire Due to Electric Short Circuit

Fire is one disaster we often encounter every day. The burned and destroyed buildings caused material casualties and even fatalities to the victim. One of the factors causing the fire is human negligence. To prevent fires due to an electric short circuit, there are several things you need to consider:

Proper Electrical Installation

Entrust the installation of your home/building electricity to professional installers in their fields. Many cases of fire happen due to incorrect electrical installations. Don’t forget to buy electrical installation tools such as Loadcenter and MCB at SQD Groups. They are the companies selling high-quality electrical installation equipment, and of course,  have a safety standard so you don’t have to worry about anything. For MCB and Loadcenter ราคา (price) you can visit the website at

Do not attach stacks of contacts in one socket

Electric socket loaded with various equipment will cause it to burn and explode. Therefore, you must have a better understanding of the daily electrical equipment. Do not let the socket in your home be connected to a lot of electronic equipment. It can cause a short circuit and fire.

Pay attention to the cable system

Do not leave the damaged cable open, and stop using it because the fibers in the cable are already broken. To keep the cable durable and useful for a long time, you should not roll or fold the cable often.

Maintain regular electrical installations

Maintenance of electrical installations regularly is needed to find out if there is damage to the cable or electrical equipment, such as open insulation at the cable. If possible, change the entire installation path every five years.

Turn off the electricity immediately from the KWH meter

If there is a fire due to an electrical short circuit caused by the improper function of the safety Mini Circuit breaker (MCB), turn off the electricity from the KWH meter immediately. Do not put out the fire with water if the electric current is still on.

Keep Flammable Materials

Any electrical appliance can cause a fire if it comes in contact with flammable materials, such as blankets, towels, and carpets.

Some tips above are handy to prevent an electric short circuit. Before undesirable things happen, such as a fire burning your house, we should take precautions.

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