Does Wave broadband provide good cable TV services?

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Customers living on the West Coast are primarily served by Wave. Wave company provides cable-TV, broadband Internet, and phone services to its customers. You have the option of purchasing each of these separately or as a package. Its Internet service is frequently praised for its dependability and has many accolades for its services.

Advantages of opting for Wave broadband

  • The download speeds of Wave are pretty consistent and fast.
  • The customers do not have to enter into any monthly agreement.
  • The customers can opt for home phone, TV, and Internet service bundles. Thus, the customers have to pay a meager amount every month.

The disadvantages of opting for Wave broadband

  • Wave broadband is currently only available in a small areas.
  • Some of their plans include data caps.
  • The upload speeds are minimal.

Plans and pricings of Wave broadband Internet

Wave offers its customers a fast, dependable Internet connection at a reasonable and competitive cost. However, Wave does implement a data cap at 2 TB of data. If the customer using the Internet goes over the set limit, the company slows down the connection. Since XFINITY also provides similar speeds at similar rates and imposes similar restrictions like data caps, customers need not feel obligated to opt for Wave broadband. If the area has Spectrum active, it would be wiser to opt for Spectrum since Spectrum does not impose any data cap and provides comparable broadband speeds.

Bundling of services

Wave also provides the services of Wave cable along with high-speed Internet. With Wave cable, you will readily avail premium cable networks, local channels, popular streaming services like HBO max or Netflix, sports networks, etc. You can also avail of live streaming services like sling TV etc. With Wave and are not native to opting for traditional cable. With Wave, the bundles cost around $30 per month, which is very cheap.

Plans of Wave broadband


  • You can avail of this plan by paying $70 per month
  • The download speed in this plan is 100 Mbps.
  • Upload speed in this plan is 5 Mbps.


  • You can avail of this plan by paying $80 per month.
  • The download speed in this plan is 250 Mbps.
  • The upload speed is 10 Mbps.


  • You can avail of this plan by paying $100 per month.  
  • The download speed in this plan is 940 Mbps.
  • Upload speed in this plan is 10 Mbps.

The best plan in the case of the Internet is the 250 package. Since it provides a considerable increase in internet speed and the upload speed is also double. It is an excellent option to upgrade to. The package also compares to the other national carriers that offer equivalent or slow speeds for competitive pricing.

If you are looking for amazing internet speed, you should consider upgrading your Internet connection to the gig plan. The plan offers download speeds in gigabits, which is perfect for homes involved in watching videos online, working from home, and having many people online at the same time. This plan is also ideal for gamers who are always worried about the Internet connection. If you do not need all these associated things, you can settle for the 250 plan. However, if you’re looking for more speed, you should upgrade to the gig plan.

Fees, contracts, and equipment of Wave.

Like all other Internet service providers, Wave broadband also has associated start-up expenses. They require customers to purchase specific equipment while others can be rented. The pricing generally holds steady if customers enter into an arrangement with Wave broadband. The prices have also not been observed to alter once the first year is over. Customers are free to cancel the service at any moment without worrying about paying any termination fee.

Equipment that customers need to purchase for Wave

Even though the base price of Wave is very comparable and reasonable, the purchase of the equipment where matters become pricey. Wave does provide its own equipment. However, you will have to offer a monthly rental fee for this. Thus, it is better if you purchase the equipment. The equipment will pay for itself in the long run. Thus, this is a wise manner of saving money.

Additional costs in case of Wave

The cost of the modem is $16 per month.

You have to pay $18 per month if you choose a modem along with an essential wi-fi function.

If you want enhanced home wi-fi, you will have to pay $9.95 per month.

If you want a whole-house wi-fi beacon, you will pay $5 per month.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of nontraditional fees that are a part of the monthly bill in addition to the equipment fees. Therefore, the costs and fees may add up, making the subscription more expensive than you may have thought first.